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Sept 2004

Dear David, We want to say thank you for the professional as well as personal help you gave us in finding our condo by the beach. We know that when we came to you we had high expectations and you certainly fulfilled them. You eagerly showed us properties and answered all of our "stupid" questions. You were available at all hours, and you really do answer your own phone!!! We love our new condo, one that was a "needle in a haystack" that you were diligent enough to find.

Thank you again and we absolutely will call you again for any of our future real estate needs in Ventura. We hope to see you again real soon.

Sincerely, Bob and Nancy


Hi David,

I had a feeling that is what you would say. . . . I will contact you and we can resume our search.

I thank you for your prompt attention to my request and am impressed with your efficiency,

sincerely, J...... C............

Randy & Mollyann

David, thank you for your time this afternoon. Molly and I appreciate all your work and hope that very soon we are neighbors. You dis a great job on such short notice and I think you have a pretty good idea about what we are interested in. Please send us any info that pops up between the time of my travels and us getting together again. You have my email and fax, and should be able to get us info as soon as it crosses your desk.

Thank you again, we hope to speak to you very soon

Randy & Mollyann

Barbara and Ron

"Barbara J......." To: "DAVID WALKER" CC: roj....@....... Subject: Re: house Hi David, We are thrilled about our new home, and we couldn't have done it without you! Your personality was so "laid-back", it was comforting to this process, which can be filled with nothing but stress from beginning to end.. and we feel so fortunate that out of all of the many realtors we contacted, and who offered to represent us, we chose you. Don't change, it was definitely your "persona" that made us choose you. You were never one of those "high-pressured" realtors, which helped so very much. Your company is very fortunate to have you as a resentative, they should be very proud. We will call you regarding picking up the keys. This will probably be Friday or Saturday. Ron has a bunch of appointments the rest of this week. After we are settled in, we hope that you will be our guest for dinner, either at a nice restaurant, or at our new home. We want you to know that you had an integral part in this wonderful transition for our future life. We look forward to spending the next 40 years in Ventura with our friends and family, and please know that you will always hold a close place in our hearts. Sincerely, Barbara and Ron All Love Begins With God~